After studying at FDS College for about a year and a half, I found I was specifically passionate about designing swimwear, and started experimenting with bending the rules of this relatively restricted genre of fashion.

I was always fascinated by emerging technologies and opportunities to explore innovative techniques in fashion design. Specifically, 3D printing. I began incorporating elements of 3D printing into my swimwear designs, never dreaming I would actually be able to materialise these designs in fully realised, physical garments.

It was this spark that fuelled my interest in a new idea of couture swimwear. Swimwear tends to be restricted in its ability to explore innovation in design, as functionality typically is the upmost priority.

Why can’t a swimsuit be made out of laser cut panels of leather sewn onto mesh or hard, 3D printed body moulds? This ideology, fused with underlining tones of sexual promiscuity and empowerment, became the Handsy Swimwear brand.

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