In 2006, Keren graduated with honors in fashion design from Shenkar College of Design and Engineering. At the Shenkar's event which was held in honor for the fashion critic, Suzy Menkes, a fashion show was held where she showcased student's different projects. After the event, Suzy Menkes chose three styles from each projects, including Keren's wedding gown project which was published in the well-renowned paper, The Herald Tribune. While studying, Keren was sent by the Board of Shenkar for an internship in Fashion in Montreal, Canada.

In 2007, upon graduating she was chosen to compete in THE VODAFONE ID DUNEDIN EMERGING DESIGNERS AWARD in New Zealand with her final project. The competition is an international fashion competition held every year as part of Fashion Week in New Zealand. Keren won the honorable mention at the competition by Stefano Sopelza, the organizer of the fashion competition and a considered Mittelmoda judge in Italy. The praise about the crochet collection was published in the well-known textile magazine, INTERNATIONAL TEXTILES.

From 2005 until 2009, Keren worked as an assistant designer for Gideon Oberson at the haute couture studio and for the swimwear brand "'Gideon Oberson" at Gottex. Her designs were displayed and showcased at the Spring 2009 Fashion Week in New York and published 1n international fashion magazines such as Sports Illustrated.

In 2010, after the departure of Gideon Oberson from the company, Keren was appointed head designer for the swimwear brand "Gideon Oberson" at Gottex. In 2012, Keren was appointed to be the creative director of the brand PILPEL and FREE by Gottex, sold mainly in Israel and was in the role until the end of the current collection [2014].

In 2013, Keren founded the brand INO Gottex Innovation, a brand with an innovative twist, sophisticated and chic which she continues to design today for the local market. Recently, after nine years at Gottex swimwear Keren was appointed to be the Head of Design for the Legendary brand, Gottex and her first collection [Cruise 2015] will be shown starting this July.

GOTTEX: Runway Video SS15
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